UDIO is a word that you will not find in Scripture. It is not infallibly inspired. However, I do believe the ideas that flow from UDIO are biblical and of God. Up/Prayer (1 Chronicles 16:29-36; Psalm 59:16; Romans 12:1),    Down/Bible study (1 Timothy 4:13-16; 2 Timothy 2:15-16; 2 Timothy 3:16), in/Fellowship (Hebrews 10:24-25; Acts 2:46-47), Out/evangelism (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; and in every one of the Gospels) are important aspects of the Christian faith that flow from our relationship with God the Father,God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; the One true God. However, I would like to make certain a few points are understood.



udio points

1) The church is not God. I have spoken many times of the importance of regular corporate prayer, worship, Bible study, and fellowship. However, church attendance does not impress God. faith is what pleases God. If you attend church as a works based attempt to prove your love of the almighty, it will be counted as filthy rags. Please join your brothers and sisters in regular meetings because it is your great desire to worship your beautiful and heavenly Father.



2) UDIO is a continual process. You may begin to come on Sunday morning. After some time, you may see the importance of gathering for Bible study and fellowship. UDIO is a tool to direct your growth toward the abundant Christian life which then would include evangelism. Or perhaps you have matured to the pointof regular prayer/praise/worship, regular Bible study, regular fellowship and regular evangelism. UDIO Equip is a reminder that the church is about equipping the saints (Ephesians 4:11-16). Those that are mature in these aspects of their spiritual lives should begin to assist in the building up of the body of Christ.



3) No one has arrived at perfection (Philippians 3). That is not a reason to not assist in the equipping of the saints for the building of the body. I believe in progressive sanctification. That means that we will not be perfect this side of heaven and this side of glorification. But we are still commanded to live a holy life and go on unto maturity/perfection.



4) Obviously, UDIO Equip is in no way comparable to the living Word of Almighty God. The two words are an attempt to direct you toward the Bible and the Truth therein. UDIO is a simple vision for us to mature toward health in our walk of faith. It is the thermometer (a quick way to take our temperature – are you white hot passionately loving God and walking well with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit?), not the great Physician (Matthew 9:12; Mark 2:17; Luke 4:23).




Outreach Hours:

Tuesday 4:00pm -6:00 p.m.


North Lexington Baptist Church

201 Mize Rd,

Lexington NC 27295

Ministry Opportunity:

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our Outreach ministry.  NLBC members interested in serving Outreach, please call 336.248.6285 Some qualifications required.

North Lexington Baptist Church Outreach program is to assist families who are in need during difficult times. Whether it is people from within the church or the community, we feel that is our obligation according to the scriptures to help one another.


Outreach Donations:


Outreach is run solely on donations and gifts.  If you would like to make

 Along with the giving of food, the church ministers to the spiritual needs as well to those we help.God has directed us as believers to actively care for each other, both physically and spiritually. We express Christ’s love for those in the community by providing food.


We are honored to serve those who are experiencing difficulties as we help meet their physical needs. As we do so, we find openings to minister to their spiritual needs as well.



We are a non-profit outreach ministry sponsored by North Lexington Baptist Church. As a community of faith, this organization is united in sharing God's love with those in need by providing assistance and linking them with resources that will enable them to become healthier in mind, body and spirit.



To receive food through outreach a person must come to North Lexington Baptist Church waiting area during our regular give away hours. Patrons will be required to fill out a short form and go through a quick interview process which includes verification of residence (photo ID). Food and personal items will be given based on availability and family size. Services are confidential and private.  We are located at the address below.


Application required

Chairperson: John Myers

Phone: 336.248.6285